Crate Training For Dogs

crate training for dogs

Crate Training For Dogs

crate training for dogs

For a new dog owner using a crate during the dog training process seems like a cruel and sadistic method. People imagine various scenarios in which young puppies are locked in their crates all the time and whine for help. Well, at least that’s what I thought before researching the subject of crate training for dogs. It turns out that canines don’t mind living in a crate (after they’ve got accustomed to it) as long as their owners obey some basic crate training rules. Before we dive into the discussion about them, let me introduce you to the subject of crate training for dogs by listing some of the most important benefits of this process.


Crates Make It Easier For Your Dog To Adapt To The New Environment

First of all, dogs love having their own place where they can relax and unwind. Because they are den animals they instinctively look for a spot that could play this role wherever they go. For that reason, I recommend purchasing the crate before your dog moves in. You’ll be able to show him his new home within the first few seconds of entering the flat and he won’t have time to consider its other parts as possible sleeping areas. I’ll discuss this in more detail later on.

“Why do dogs need their own place?”, you may ask. Well, it gives them a sense of security that is so important for an animal that is constantly exposed to stressful stimuli (alien people visiting your flat, annoying street sounds, alarms, other animals, etc.) Your pet will need a place where he can hide from all these scary things and relax for a bit.


Crate Training For Dogs Helps In Potty Training

Second major benefit of crate training for dogs and the most common reason for using this method is the fact that it speeds up the potty training process. Dogs hate to eliminate within their living areas and by locking your four legged friend inside a crate for the first few weeks (don’t worry, I don’t want you to keep him in there for an entire day) you will force him to learn how to control his bladder.


Crate Training For Dogs Prevents Your Pet From Indulging In Undesired Behaviors

Thirdly, crate training reduces the likelihood of your dog damaging your stuff. It allows you to leave home without worrying which pair of your shoes will be torn apart when you get back. Also, think about it from your pet’s perspective – he will be exposed to your screams and frustration less often. It’s a win – win situation.


Crate Training For Dogs Makes Traveling With Your Pet A Lot Easier

Last but not least, if you crate train a dog properly he will be much easier to travel with. Providing that you take the crate with you, he will feel less anxiety about the new and unknown places that you visit and will be more manageable during the journey.


It’s Worth Investing Your Time In Crate Training For Dogs

As you can see, crate training for dogs has numerous benefits and is definitely worth your time and effort. I hope that by now you got rid of the adverse opinion you may have had about it before reading this article. You can learn how to crate train your pet by reading other articles in this section, where I explain how to purchase a new crate that suits your dog, and prepare it properly, so that he feels safe and comfortable while staying inside it. I also discuss the differences between crate training older dog and a puppy.


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