What Is Crate Training

what is crate training

what is crate training

What Is Crate Training And How To Go About It

What is crate training?

If you’re wandering what is crate training this is the right place to be. It is crucial that you understand that crates are not there to imprison your dog or act as a cruel confinement. Properly crate trained dog will enjoy spending time in his little home and will treat it as a safe and cosy place where he can both eat and rest.

The tips I am sharing with you below will help you organize the whole crate training process so that it’s as easy and straightforward for your pet as possible.


What Is Crate Training And How To Go About It Part 1 – Monitor Your Pet’s Behavior

One of the most important crate training tips I can give you is to pay close attention to your dog’s behavior while he’s inside the crete. Very often, especially at the beginning of the crate training process, dogs will whine and bark in search of company while left alone inside their new home. You need to be there to comfort your four legged friend and stay close to the crate until he falls asleep. When you have to go to work make sure to leave a few toys inside the crate, as well as some food and something to drink so that he has something to do while you’re away.


What Is Crate Training And How To Go About It Part 2 – Use The Crate To Toilet Train Your Dog

You need to create a sleeping area for your dog inside the crate but don’t leave too much free space because your dog can use it to eliminate. Dogs will look for a way not to soil the place where they sleep but can still urinate in the corner of their crate if forced to.

You need to pay close attention to the behavior of your dog as well. As soon as he starts to walk in circles and sniff around you will know that he needs to eliminate. Say firmly ‘outside’ and take him to the garden where he can safely finish the job. This way your dog should start to react for the word ‘outside’ and learn to go out every time you want him to. Remember to tell other members of the family to use the same command. Consistency is what makes this thing work.


What Is Crate Training And How To Go About It Part 3 – Make It A Safe And Comfortable Place

Another of my favorite crate training tips is to keep the crate close to your bed or place where you spend the biggest amount of time in. Put something that smells like you inside it so that your pet feels comfortable. Dogs have a very strong ‘den’ instinct and will naturally look for a safe place to rest. You need to make sure that your dog chooses the new crate as his den as this will allow you to leave him alone inside your appartment without having to worry about your furniture or carpet getting damaged.


What Is Crate Training And How To Go About It Part 4 – Don’t Force Your Pet To Move In

The last crate training tip I wanted to share with you is not to force your dog into the crate. When you show it to your dog for the first time put something to eat or something familiar (e.g. one of your old t-shirts or one of his toys) inside. This will motivate him to get in there by himself.

At the beginning of the crate training process close the door only for a few seconds. Gradually you will be able to increase the amout of time your dog spends locked inside the crate. If he starts to whine, wait for him to settle down and then open the door allowing him to leave the crate. Your dog needs to understand that staying inside the crate is not a tragedy and it actually pays off because of the safety and peace of mind it provides.


What Is Crate Training And How To Go About It – More Information

If you’re still asking yourself “what is crate training” feel free to check the Dog Training section above for more information on crate training and other dog training related subjects.


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