Beagle Lab Mix

beagle lab mix

Beagle Lab Mix

Beagles and Labradors are two of the most popular dog breeds in families with children and families who hunt. Breeding the two dogs together creates the Beagle Lab mix that combines the qualities of both dogs. Beagle Lab mix dogs are being labeled as Labbes and are not a pure bred dog. A pure bred dog is one that does not combine two breeds together. They are a hybrid or a combination of one or more pure bred dog. The Beagle Lab mix dogs that have a short coat and a propensity to sniff, dig, and otherwise keep their hunting instincts running strong.


The Pros And Cons To The Beagle Lab Mix Breed

beagle lab mixThe pros to owning a Beagle Lab mix would be the fact they are really good with children of all ages. Most Beagles and Labradors are both very patient dogs. The mix also needs a lot of exercise and the growing energy of children can make both dog and child very happy and healthy. They are easy to care for and require bathing only a few times a month, unless they roll in the mud with the children.

The cons to owning a Beagle Lab mix would be that they can vary in size so that should be taken into consideration. They could be as small as a Beagle, but could also grow to be the size of a standard Labrador. A family that lives in an apartment should take caution when choosing to own this mix as there may not be adequate space for the dog to exercise. Also, both Beagles and Labs have a tendency to over eat so one needs to take care when feeding the Beagle Lab mix dog. Their brain does not shut off and stop eating when full and should be limited to a strict feeding time and feeding amount.


Care For Breed

Due to both Beagles and Labs being short hair dogs, the Beagle Lab mix has minimal care needs. Beagles are prone to ear infections due to the drooping ears, so owners of the Beagle Lab mix should take care to keep the ears clean. Beagles are also prone to epilepsy and bone malformation so be sure to check into the history of the dog if possible. Labradors are prone to hip dysplasia and eye problems. Most of those are complications that come with old age, but are usually genetic.

Exercise Needs

The Beagle Lab mix is a dog breed that needs a good deal of exercise to keep him from getting bored and destructive. Both Beagles and Labs have a tendency of getting into trouble destroying furniture and getting into the trash as a puppy. It would be wise to place the Beagle Lab mix into training at a young age and using a kennel while away until the dog is able to be trusted unattended. Being very smart and eager to please, training these dogs should be very rewarding and leave you with a dog that can perform tricks. They can also be trained to come when you call, allowing a family to enjoy a large off leash dog park on a nice day.


Hunting and Sporting Abilities

Beagles and Labs are also used as sporting dogs, so it is only a given that Beagle Lab mixes should be great in the sporting field. People who hunt love Beagle’s super sense of smell and a Labs innate desire to retrieve objects. This mix has the ability to follow an animal’s tracks and then can be taught to retrieve the game when shot. Both dog breeds have a fondness to water and can learn to take part in water sports or retrieve a game that fell into pond. The Beagle’s loud bark can be used to flush game out of bushes or signal when they have found something.

In Summary

This mix can bring years of enjoyment for a growing family or a person who hunts. Their need for constant companionship makes them not only a pet but a member of the family. Their eyes will plead for love and their ever playful nature will keep you on your toes. They are definitely not for everyone but they will live their life trying to make their owners happy.


Is The Beagle Lab Mix The Right Breed For You?

If you don’t like the idea of owning a Beagle Lab mix dog feel free to read about other breeds in the Dog Breeds section above!


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