Lab Beagle Mix

lab beagle mix

Lab Beagle Mix

lab beagle mixWhen it comes to families with children or folks that are fond of hunting, there are two popular dog breeds that fits with them perfectly, and that is the Labradors and Beagles. However, you can mix the two breeds to come up with the Lab Beagle mix, and this kind of breed combines the attributes of both the Labrador and Beagle breeds.

The Lab Beagle mix dogs are also commonly referred to as “Labbes”, and it is not considered by dog enthusiast as a pure breed. Needless to say, you can’t refer a dog as a pure breed if it came from two different breeds. Hybrid is the appropriate term for such dogs that came from two pure bred dogs. The distinguishing characteristic of the Lab Beagle mix is that it has short coat, and has a strong inclination to dig and sniff. They typically do this to keep or improve their natural hunting instincts.


The Pros And Cons To of The Lab Beagle Mix Breed

This kind of mix produces a lot of interesting pros and here are a few advantages of owning a Beagle Lab mix breed:

  • One great thing about this particular breed is that they are incredibly good with children coming from different ages.
  • Labradors and Beagles are dog breeds that are known for their patience, and the Lab Beagle mix usually has this virtue.
  • The Beagle Lab mix can be lot of fun to play with, especially for growing children who have tons of energy to spare. This is also advantageous for the Beagle Lab mix since it needs a lot of exercise. You can easily end up with kids and the dog that are both healthy and happy.
  • Another advantage of this specific mix is that it does not require too much attention. They simply need a couple of baths each month, unless they get too excited with the children, and play in the mud.

The downsides to having a Lab Beagle mix can be that they may differ in size thus that ought to be taken into account. They may be as small as some Beagle, yet may possibly also turn into the size of a typical Labrador retriever. If you are a family that is currently residing in a small apartment, it is best that you take this into consideration when choosing this particular mix because there might not be sufficient room for that dog to physically exercise.

Additionally, the two dog breeds of Labradors and Beagles have a strong tendency to eat more than their bodies can handle. You should be aware of this issue each time you serve food for your beloved Lab Beagle mix. Their brain won’t turn off and stop ingesting when the stomach is full and should be restricted to a tight feeding time frame and serving quantity.


Care Requirements of A Beagle Lab Mix

On account of both Labradors and Beagles being shorthaired canines, any Beagle Lab mix comes with little care demands. However, Beagles are susceptible to ear infections because of the sagging ears, therefore lovers of the Lab Beagle mix ought to make an extra effort to maintain the ears thoroughly clean. Beagles can also be susceptible to epilepsy, as well as bone malformation therefore make sure to look into a brief history of the canine if at all possible. Labradors are susceptible to hip dysplasia, and also eye complications. The majority of those tend to be problems that accompany aging. However, some are often hereditary.


What Sort of Exercise Does A Lab Beagle Mix Need?

The lab beagle combination is a breed of dog that requires a sufficient amount of physical exercise to help keep him from becoming bored and destructive. The Beagles and Labs are known to be getting into trouble by wrecking pieces of furniture, and fooling around in the garbage as a puppy dog. It will be a good idea to send your Lab Beagle mix to an obedience training class at a young age and utilize a kennel while you are away until the puppy becomes trustworthy even if unwatched.

Being really intelligent and willing to please coaching these types of dogs should be really gratifying and leave an individual with a canine that can perform plenty of tricks. They may also be trained to return whenever you call, enabling a family group to have fun with a big ‘no leash’ dog playground on a wonderful day.


Sporting And Hunting Abilities of A Lab Beagle Mix

Labradors and Beagles are also utilized as sporting dogs, therefore it is just a given that this particular Lab Beagle mix ought to be fantastic within the sporting field. Folks who hunt adore Beagle’s excellent sense of smell along with Labrador’s natural need to retrieve items. This particular mix has the capacity to stick to an animal’s tracks and could be trained to retrieve a hunting game that just been shot or hit.

Both canine breeds possess a fondness to water which enable it to retrieve a hunting game that dropped into a pool of water. The Beagle’s high decibel bark may be used to flush game from shrubbery, or indicate whenever they have discovered something worth looking at.


Summary of The Wonderful Lab Beagle Mix

This particular combination would bring many years of pleasure for any growing family, or for an individual who is fond of game hunting. Their desire for continuous companionship tends to make them not just a family pet, but also a family member. Their little brown eyes will certainly beg for love, and also their truly playful character can keep a person entertained. They’re definitely not for everybody. However, they will probably live their lifes seeking to make their masters pleased.


Should You Own A Lab Beagle Mix?

That is a difficult question since there is no answer that applies to everyone. Every individual’s needs and situation is different, and the best person to answer that question is you. However, with the information provided in this article you should be able to determine whether the Lab Beagle mix is the right pet for you and your family.

Is The Lab Beagle Mix The Right Breed For You?

If you don’t like the idea of owning a Lab Beagle mix check out the Dog Breeds section above where we cover more popular dog breeds.


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