How To Clean Dog Ears

how to clean dog ears

How To Clean Dog Ears At Home

Regular Cleaning Prevents Infections

Your dog’s ears are the ideal haven for yeast and bacterial infections. It is important to learn how to clean dog ears to prevent problems that accompany these conditions. Cleaning your best friend’s ears may be a task that you’d rather avoid, but regular grooming keeps your dog healthy.


Frequent Handling Desensitizes Your Dog

how to clean dog earsMany wonder how to clean dog ears when their pet is sensitive. It’s easier to clean your dog’s ears when you handle them every day.  Gently scratch, lift and rub your dog’s ears when you play. Give your dog lots of affection and it will learn to tolerate regular ear grooming.


Inspections Are Important

Check each of your dog’s ears at least once a week for signs of parasites, infection and dirt. The inside should be a fleshy-pink color, healthy and free of any excessive wax buildup. Signs that indicate an ear infection are inflammation, a dirty-looking discharge, a foul odor or ears that are sensitive to touch. Violent head shaking and ear rubbing are other possible indicators.

People sometimes ask whether and how to clean dog ears if you think there’s a problem. You shouldn’t clean the ears if you suspect an infection. Contact your veterinarian immediately to prevent permanent hearing loss.


How To Clean Dog Ears? Gently!

Where and how to clean dog ears at home is a frequent question.  Place your dog in the bathtub so that it will be easier to clean up any mess. Use a cleaning solution specifically formulated for cleaning a dog’s ears. Thoroughly soak a cotton ball with the ear wash and wring out the excess liquid. Gently rub inside your dog’s ear with an up and down motion. Let your dog shake out any excess moisture. Use a cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution to clean the nooks and folds. Do not place the swab or anything else down into your dog’s ear canal.


Still Not Sure How To Clean Dog Ears? Ask The Vet

If you’re still not sure if you can clean your dog’s ears on your own (it may feel uncomfortable for both you and your pet) don’t hesitate and visit a vet. Not only will he teach you how to clean dog ears properly but also verify if your pet’s ears are healthy and fully functional.


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