How To Make A Dog Stop Barking

how to make a dog stop barking

How To Make A Dog Stop Barking In 3 Easy Steps!

Wondering how to make a dog stop barking? You will first need to understand dog’s behavior and the reasons for which dogs bark. If one knows why his pet barks he can then take appropriate action in order to eliminate this annoying habit completely or significantly reduce the amount of barking heard.

There are a few main causes of barking and the most common ones are boredom, anxiety and stress. Barking control dog is based around eliminating these stimuli and redirecting your dog’s attention from making noise onto more desired habits. Remember not to scream, hit or play aggressively with your dog while implementing some of the tips on how to make a dog stop barking as this can slow down the training process and confuse your pet as to what you expect from him.

how to make a dog stop barkingHow To Make A Dog Stop Barking By Eliminating Boredom

One of the most common causes of barking is boredom that your pet experiences every day. Making your dog busy is a really important part of this how to make a dog stop barking guide.

The easiest way to kill boredom is to provide your dog with plenty of toys, especially the chewing ones such as Kongs. These can be stuffed with dog food or snacks and will force your pet to spend hours trying to get the treat out. You can also start taking your pet on regular walks where he will get a chance to play with other animals and socialize with them. By teaching your dog some basic obedience commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’ or ‘fetch’ you will be able to play with your dog and make him tired fast Remember that tired dogs will make sleeping their priority and won’t even think about barking.

How To Make A Dog Stop Barking By Eliminating Anxiety

Another tip on how to make a dog stop barking we recommend is to teach your pet that staying alone for longer periods of time is nothing special. You need to make him understand that being left alone in the house is not a big deal and it’s entirely normal for you to disappear for hours. Also, stop greeting your dog loudly and cheerfully when you get back from work and don’t make goodbyes too official either. Simply pat your pet on the head, say ‘good dog’ and proceed to your everyday tasks.

Another good tip on how to make a dog stop barking is to try to leave your four legged friend alone in the room for a few minutes and then come back without paying attention to his actions. He has to realize that there’s nothing special about being in such situation. As a result, he won’t get freaked out when you leave home and won’t bark all day long.

How To Make A Dog Stop Barking By Eliminating Stress

Third most common reason for dog barking is stress. You need to identify the possible causes for your pet getting stressed and take appropriate actions to either eliminate or reduce your dog’s exposure to stressful stimuli or perform desensitization training. This part of the how to make a dog stop barking guide is really important so pay close attention!

Your dog may start barking every time he hears a loud high pitched sound like a phone ring or alarm. In such case you can move your dog’s sleeping pad to a different place (where he will not hear this annoying sound), get rid of the sound source (or make it quieter) or train your dog to adjust to it. The last option is usually the most effective one but requires a lot of patience and consistence. It also requires doing a bit of research beforehand or getting in touch with a professional dog trainer who can teach you how to do it. Desensitization training is based on exposing your dog to the stressful stimuli very gradually so that he can get used to it and adjust slowly without going into the barking mode straight away.

These few tips on how to make a dog stop barking should really help you out in eliminating this annoying habit.

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