Breeding the Pomeranian

This short toy-sized dog has a wedge shaped head and a short straight fine muzzle. The color of their coat varies with the nose color as the teeth are scissors in bite appearance.

Their eyes are medium and almond shaped. The ears are small and stand erect in proportion to their head. The Pomeranian’s tail is feathered and will be see to lay flat on the dog’s back.

This dog has a double textured coat with an outer coat having a protective long straight harsh texture and an inner coat having a thick, soft short texture particularly longer around the chest and neck areas. The Pomeranian dogs come in a variety of colorful coats and patterns such as black with tan, orange sable, red, white, brindle and other colors.

The Pomeranian is a lively proud dog in it’s nature, highly intelligent and eager to learn. The dog is a great loyal companion to it’s family and has been seen as an excellent show dog. It’s docile temper and extremely affectionate characteristic makes this dog highly loved by many people.

The Pomeranian dog has an inquisitive, alert nature and as it is quite independent, this dog needs a gentle firm hand when caring. The dogs are known as very meticulous when it comes to their food as they are very skeptical towards what they are given to eat.

Pomeranians are excellent household dogs who when properly introduced will get along with almost any other pets of the home without any problems whatsoever.

By teaching this little toy dog to effectively bark when the doorbell rings and to remain quiet when you are entertaining guests will make your Pomeranian a great watchdog.

Pomeranian dogs need to observe their owners as being in charge or else they will develop a highly demanding nature resulting in them being the Boss and you being the subject to their every need.

Breeding the Pomeranian dog is never a task one should take lightly as there is a severe amount of responsibility associated in considering this venture.

It is highly recommended that the owner must do n adequate amount of research involved with breeding the Pomeranian dogs to ensure the Pomeranian produces healthy puppies without jeopardizing the life of their dog.

Once you have done the necessary reading and are confident that you can effectively and successfully handle the responsibilities associated with breeding your Pomeranian dog you can begin to take the necessary steps to breeding your dog.

Both doge selected for breeding must be given a full medical checkup ensuring both are completely healthy to avoid passing down any hereditary diseases to the buppies.

it is important to note that there must be constant veterinarian checkups of the dogs before breeding which can be quite expensive.

Considerations must be given to the fact that during the pregnancy, there could be complications requiring a cesarean section. The need for milk supplement and extra food must also be recognized.

Hypoglycemia is a common trait experienced by newborn puppies as they have to be closely monitored on a regular basis.

When you’re ready to breed the Pomeranian you must pay very close attention to the following factors:

The male Pomeranian should never be over three pounds in body weight to the female. In addition the female Pomeranian should be over 2 to 3 years old and already have undergone her heat cycle.

It is recommended that you never try to breed Pomeranian dogs when they are underaged as breeding small Pomeranian dogs will undoubtably lead to very small Pomeranian puppies with a lowered chance of survival as they will be most likely plagued with major health problems.

Breeding Pomeranian dogs should be retired when they have reached 7 years old even though the female can continue to experience heat as far as 12 years old or the duration of her life. A Pomeranian female dog not spayed after seven years will undoubtably develop severe uterus complications often fatal. As a result it is highly suggested that once you have already bred your Pomeranian dog and have no intentions of breeding her again, to minimize her health risk you should have her spayed by your local veterinarian.

Most male Pomeranian dogs will breed regardless of the season, however female Pomeranian dogs will only breed when she is in heat which is generally about two times each year. The female Pomeranian will not breed on the first day she experiences heat but rather one to two weeks after depending on her pattern.

Once you have successfully determined what your dog’s heat schedule is; you will know the appropriate time to introduce her to the male. To successfully breed your Pomeranian female; place her in a room when she is in full heat.

Start by rubbing her back and stomach to get her completely relaxed and in the mood. Allow the male to approach her and observe. You may have to stroke her a bit more before she actually gets in the mood, so be patient.