Dog Toilet Training

dog toilet training

3 Proven Methods I Used To Speed Up Dog Toilet Training!

Dog toilet training is one of the first things you will need to do after buying a puppy or adopting an older dog from a dog shelter. You need to know that it’s much easier to toilet train puppies because older dogs have bad habits already rooted deeply in their brains. Even though puppies aren’t able to control their bladder and colon and can eliminate uncontrollably mature dogs will require significantly more time, patience and consistence in order to toilet train them.

Also, remember that cleaning is a natural part of dog toilet training and you shouldn’t hit or scream at your four legged friend when you find out that he’s eliminated indoors. Such behavior will only make him more confused and stressed and can result in more unwanted surprises on the carpet.


How Can Regular Meals Help In Dog Toilet Training?

dog toilet trainingBecause puppies can’t hold poop or urine until they reach 12 weeks it is crucial to let them out within the first 20 minutes after the last meal. Use the same tactic with older dogs as this will make them understand that they will go out sooner or later and there’s no need to defecate or urinate while staying in the house.

Make sure to schedule regular meals so that your dog will get used to eliminating at specific times of the day. Also, observe your dog’s behavior and look for such signs as circling or sniffing which will signalize that your pet needs to go out. I can’t stress enough how important this dog toilet training tip is.

Creating A ‘Den’ As A Way To Speed Up Dog Toilet Training

Dogs instinctively look for a place where they can hide from all the fuss around them, eat, drink and relax for a bit. Such place is called ‘den’ and is considered to be one of the most important elements of the dog toilet training process. Because dogs will not soil their sleeping area unless forced to they will have to learn how to control their physiological mechanisms and resist from eliminating.

The easiest way to create a substitution for a natural den is to buy a crate or isolate part of a room with a baby gate. Make sure that your dog feels comfortable while being locked in his new home by giving him food and water and a set of his favorite toys. You can also make the den seem more friendly to your dog by putting inside some of your old clothes which could serve as a sleeping pad for your canine.


Show Him His Own Toilet Area

Dog toilet training cannot be done without a toilet area where your dog can safely eliminate. It’s your task to specify such a place somewhere outdoors and be consistent in taking your pet to that spot. Simply attach his leash to a pole or a tree next to the chosen location so that he can’t go anywhere else and wait till he eliminates. Remember to praise him cheerfully afterwards in order to reinforce the good habit.

You will also have to clean the toilet area once in a while since dogs are naturally clean animals and will not defecate in a dirty and stinky place (this can cause them to look for alternative spots such as your house).


Dog Toilet Training Doesn’t Have To Be A Daunting Process!

With these few simple tips on dog toilet training you have nothing to fear! And if you’re still not sure if you have all the tools you need to housebreak your pet read other articles in this section.


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