Free Puppy Training Advice

puppy training advice

Free Puppy Training Advice

3 Tips On How To Raise A Healthy And Obedient Pet!

puppy training adviceFree puppy training advice is based on a few solid foundations. As long as you understand them and remain patient and consistent in implementing some of the dog training techniques outlined below you can achieve great success and raise a friendly and well-behaving pet.

In this short article I will discuss how to approach the subject of toilet training your dog, feeding him and stopping some of the bad habits he might have developed. This puppy training advice form the basis of the puppy training help program that can really help you out while training your four legged friend.


Free Puppy Training Advice Part 1 – How To Toilet Train My Dog?

There are two crucial elements of the housebreaking process you need to know:

a) Firstly, you need to provide your pet with a ‘den’. This is a place where he can hide from all the stressful stimuli around him and get some rest. Dogs are naturally clean animals and they will not soil their living space. By keeping your dog inside his new home you will force him to learn how to control his bladder and colon and resist from eliminating indoors until he’s let outside.

b) Secondly, you will have to specify a toilet area somewhere in the yard and start taking your dog to this place on a regular basis. Use a leash to limit your pet’s movements so that he has to stay within the chosen area. Remember to use the same command (like ‘go potty’ or ‘go poop’) while he’s eliminating in order to associate it in his mind with that process. Your dog should quickly learn that when you use this command he is supposed to go to the usual spot and relieve himself.


Puppy Training Advice Part 2 – How Do I Feed My Pet?

An important part of the free puppy training advice is to learn how to feed your dog the right way. If you don’t spend a bit of time researching this subject and give your dog meals that lack vitamins, minerals or nutritional elements he will quickly loose health.

The best solution is to use dry kibble which is a highly nutritious and well-balanced food source and will significantly improve your dog’s teeth condition. Don’t ever leave the food available for longer than 15 minutes or refill the bowl straight after your four legged friend ate his meal. Dogs are voracious animals and they will eat even if they are not hungry. As a result your pet can quickly become obese and suffer from illnesses associated with it (e.g. weak bones).


Free Puppy Training Advice Part 3 – How To Eliminate Bad Habits?

Your dog may quickly get involved in such bad habits as excessive barking, chewing stuff or even eating poop. All of these can be caused by boredom and can be eliminated if you provide your pet with something to do. The free puppy training advice provided on this website covers this subject in detail.

Make sure to take your dog on regular walks where he can socialize with other animals and play fight with them. You can also sign him up for an obedience class where you will get a chance to teach him some basic obedience commands and learn more about your pet’s behavior. Combination of mental and physical efforts that is a significant part of such courses will make your dog tired really fast and a tired dog is a calm dog 🙂 Such activity will also be beneficial to his health, because plenty of movement will help him burn fat and strengthen the bones.


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