How To Stop A Puppy Biting

how to stop a puppy biting

How To Stop A Puppy Biting

We’ve already discussed how to stop a puppy biting with the use of the ‘Off’ command and by modeling the behavior of the dog’s mother. These two techniques work really well on their own but you combine them to get the best results. In this article I will introduce two more tips on how to stop a puppy biting so that you can further speed up the training process.


how to stop a puppy bitingHow To Stop A Puppy Biting By Exercising Him Regularly

Making sure your pet’s in a good shape has so many benefits that it would be hard to mention them all in one go. As you may have read in my other articles it works miracles when you’re trying to eliminate such undesired habits as excessive barking, biting or chewing.

Exercising your pet is so effective in dealing with the habit of biting for two main reasons:

  • It makes your pet tired so that he prefers sleeping over anything else (including biting, barking etc.).
  • While being on a walk your pet can socialize with other animals (this works really well if you take him to a park) and play-fight with them. Not only will this allow him to get rid of the excess energy accumulated throughout the day, but also teach him that biting is not the best way to make friends.

Exercising your pet will significantly improve his health and well-being. It will also release the stress and tension from his mind and body and, as a result, he’ll be more relaxed and easy-going.


How To Stop A Puppy Biting Using Obedience Training

Obedience training is yet another extremely effective tip on how to stop a puppy biting. Similarly to exercising, it will allow your pet to meet other animals and socialize with them. This is a great chance for your pup to learn bite inhibition (how hard he can bite other living creatures without injuring them) while playing with siblings.

Another great benefit of obedience training is the fact that it strengthens your relationship with your pet and makes him understand that you are at the top of the family hierarchy. This is very important because dogs that respect their owners will never try to bite them to show dominance. If your four legged friend thinks that you’re not strong enough to be the pack leader, he may try to take over this position and, if he succeeds, become uncontrollable and aggressive.

You can now see how important it is to start training your dog right from the very beginning of his life. This will save you a lot of money and nerves on eliminating unwanted behaviors in the future. Having an obedient dog makes living with him a real pleasure. You always feel confident about his behavior and are able to fully trust him. As a result, he gets more freedom and the quality of his life improves.

In order to obedience train your pet you can either sign up for an obedience class or invest in a high quality training course that will teach you how to train your pet at home. I would recommend the first option for those who have plenty of time and can afford to spend a few hundred dollars. If you prefer to do this on your own, there is a wide choice of high quality, affordable dog training courses available online that can teach you everything from feeding and grooming through exercising to obedience training your pet.


Looking For More Information On How To Stop A Puppy Biting?

I hope that this article series on how to stop a puppy biting has helped you to better understand the reasons for your dog biting and provided you with the tools necessary to overcome this problem. If you’d like to learn more tips and find out what are the other ways to stop puppy from biting check out other articles in the Dog Behavior section above.


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