How To Stop A Dog From Chewing

how to stop a dog from chewing

how to stop a dog from chewingHow To Stop A Dog From Chewing

Now that we’ve discussed some of the most common reasons for your dog chewing we can move to the next stage of the plan. In this section I will share with you the most effective way to eliminate this problem and explain how to implement it to get the best results. If you want to find out more information on how to stop a dog from chewing feel free to check other articles on this website where I reveal even more ways to deal with this annoying dog habit.


How To Stop A Dog From Chewing Part 1 – Use Chewing Toys

This is by far the most effective method to cope with the chewing problem and one of the crucial parts of the ‘how to stop a dog from chewing‘ guides available on the market. Instead of trying to suppress this habit you can simply redirect it onto more suitable items – the chewing toys.

Kong - a chewing toyI encourage you to purchase Kong toys which are by far the best choice on the market. Because of the way they’ve been designed you can fill them with dog snacks and food and, as a result, provide your pet with hours of fun. Why? Because Kongs won’t allow your pet to access all of the food inside them in one go. Your four legged friend will have to work really hard to get it out piece by piece. Not only will this keep him occupied, but also redirect his attention from chewing items that are important to you onto toys specifically designed for this purpose.

Ok, but how to stop a dog from chewing with a simple toy?


How To Stop Dog Chewing Part 2 – Tips On How To Use Chewing Toys

Unfortunately buying Kong toys and stuffing them with food is not enough to stop your dog from chewing. You will also have to learn how and when to use them. Without that knowledge you can end up asking yourself how to stop a dog from chewing for ages without getting any results.

The first thing you will need to do is purchasing a few different types of dog snacks that you’ll layer inside the toys. The more Kongs you have the better, because you’ll have to put at least one of them in each spot where your dog searches for something to chew (e.g. wardrobe). This should drag his attention away from items that are precious to you. You may also want to keep one Kong toy with you at all times. That way you will be able to act immediately when you catch your pet red handed. Instead of screaming or hitting him give him a chewing toy, and, as soon as he starts playing with it, reward him with a lot of praise and a pat on the head. That way you will reinforce the good habit.

So, are you still wondering how to stop a dog from chewing? If yes, read below.


How To Stop A Dog From Chewing Part 3 – Be Consistent!

Start implementing this few simple tips on how to stop a dog from chewing on a regular basis and you will notice significant improvement in your pet’s behavior within the first few weeks.


Looking For More Tips On How To Stop A Dog From Chewing?

If you want to learn more tips on how to stop a dog from chewing check out the Dog Behavior section above where we cover more ways to eliminate this annoying habit. The only way to speed up the training process is to combine a number of methods, instead of utilizing just one, so make sure you give all of them a try.


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