Stop Dog From Chewing

stop dog from chewing using garlic

Stop Dog From Chewing

3 Simple Ways To Eliminate The Dog Chewing Problem

In the previous articles I’ve discussed what is chewing and how it is caused. I have also mentioned a proven method to stop dog from chewing – Kong toys. In this post I want to list a few more solutions to the dog chewing problem so that you can combine all of the tips on how to stop dog from chewing and achieve the best results.

Remember, consistency and patience is the most important part of dog training. Chewing is not an exception and has to be treated in the same way. That is why you need to make sure that all of your family members are using the same techniques and commands and that they are using them regularly. This will make your pet less confused as to what is expected of him and will significantly speed up the training process.

Now, let’s discuss a few more ways to stop dog from chewing.


Stop Dog From Chewing Using Confinement

Before you let your pet run around your apartment unsupervised, you need to make sure that he becomes accustomed to his own little den first. I discussed the concept of a den in the article series on crate training and housebreaking so feel free to check it out for more information.

You can combine potty training with the process of eliminating the chewing habit and give your dog some chewing toys while he’s locked inside his living area. That way you will make sure that the first thing he will ever chew in his life will be an item that was specifically designed for this purpose. As a result, when you let him out, he will prefer to release the stress and inner tension on a chewing toy (that he got used to while staying inside his den), instead of looking for alternative ways of doing that.

As you can see, the focus is on preventing the undesired behaviors, instead of trying to cope with them. Such attitude makes it much easier to stop dog from chewing.


Hide Everything That’s Precious In Order To Stop Dog From Chewing

Another great technique to stop dog from chewing on things that are valuable to you is to either hide them or put them somewhere your pet can’t reach. This tip complements the previous one really well and is a part of the dog training chewing process. You should also resist from using your old shoes, clothes and other items that smell like you as chewing toys. This is because your pet will quickly associate the process of chewing with the specific aroma and will look for more items that smell similarly in the future.


How To Stop Dog From Chewing By Using Cayenne Pepper, Garlic Or Tabasco Sauce

stop dog from chewing using garlicIf your dog is a big fan of furniture legs there is a great way to stop him from damaging them. Purchase a bit of garlic, cayenne pepper or tabasco sauce and use one of these substances to cover parts of the furnishings that are frequently chewed by your four legged friend. Your dog has an extremely sensitive sense of smell and the substances mentioned above will simply repel him.

You need to be careful and monitor your pet’s behavior while using this method as it may redirect his attention onto other pieces of furniture. Remember, to obtain the best results use it only as an addition to the main training technique.


Stop Dog From Chewing By Taking Advantage of The Methods Mentioned Above

As you can see, it isn’t hard to stop dog from chewing. Simply start implementing the tips on how to stop dog from chewing I wrote about in this article series and be patient because your dog won’t stop chewing overnight.


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