How To Teach A Dog To Sit

how to teach a dog to sit

How To Teach A Dog To Sit

How to teach a dog to sit is one of the most rewarding realizations of having a dog. It’s probably the easiest and most basic command a dog owner could teach their pet. Of course, dogs already know how to sit, however the idea is to teach them to sit on command. This can be most helpful whenever the dog is being naughty and needs to be calmed down.

After a dog has learned to sit when told to, they’re ready to learn other tricks. In addition, an owner should bond with their pet before getting started; they have a better chance of success and their pet will be more eager to please.


How To Begin Training Your Dog How To Sit

Training sessions should be short and enjoyable. This persuades the dog to follow the sit command, and learn faster. The following list is a how to teach a dog to sit training method.

how to teach a dog to sit

How To Teach A Dog To Sit Techniques

  • Be serene and loving, never train when in a bad mood.
  • Keep the session easy going.
  • Reward the dog with soft treats and praise each time they follow the command correctly, hard treats are too distracting.
  • Invest in a quality training pouch for holding treats.
  • Be consistent, don’t vacillate, and advise family members to use the same tactic.
  • Begin training in a quiet setting without any distractions. Later, add distractions in various degrees once you feel the dog has mastered the command.
  • Keep training sessions short, roughly 10 minutes each, two to three times daily.
  • How to teach a dog to sit entails practicing every day, then every few days for reassurance. In addition, some dogs learn faster than others, so having patience is essential.


Still Not Sure How To Teach A Dog To Sit?

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