How To Teach Dog To Stay

how to teach a dog to stay

How To Teach A Dog To Stay

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Training your dog is something that is done best after a dog has done some exercise and is not so full of energy. Always play with or walk your dog prior to training so that he will be able to concentrate on the commands. If your dog wants to play, he will tend to not want to listen or do what you are asking of him. When you ask any professional dog trainer how to teach a dog to stay, they will agree that it is essential to provide positive reinforcement with consistency.


Use Positive Reinforcement

how to teach a dog to stay

First you need to establish who the boss is. You can do this by providing positive reinforcement. Examples would be to praise the dog with, ‘good dog’, or ‘good job’ accompanied with a rubbing of his head. Good eye contact will help him to understand that this is something he should do because he does want to please you. After you establish the praise routine, you will be able to teach him to stay. How to teach a dog to stay is not a difficult thing to accomplish if you are consistent with him.


How To Teach A Dog To Stay

How to teach a dog to stay is accomplished first thing by training him to sit. When your dog is trained to sit, then you can have him sit and gradually walk away from him. Hold up your hand as a signal to stay and tell him to stay. Have him stay for a few seconds, then offer a reward of ‘good dog’ or dog treat. Each time you need to step away a little farther and gradually increase the time that you are asking him to stay.

Remember to praise him everytime he performs according to your instructions. He will soon learn that by staying he is pleasing you and this is one thing the dog is always trying to do. You may need to start with a leash, having someone hold him back while repeating the word, ‘stay’, but eventually he will understand and you will be able to begin the stepping back method.


How To Teach A Dog To Stay Summary

When talking to others about how to teach a dog to stay, they will tell you that it depends on how old your dog is and how much energy he has but mostly on your consistence and praise. Your dog wants to please you just like you are hoping. This set of tips should make you an expert on how to teach a dog to stay.


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