Bad Dog Behavior

bad dog behavior

bad dog behaviorBad Dog Behavior

4 Most Common Problems And How To Fight Them Effectively

If you are looking for a way to correct bad dog behavior this is the right place to be. I have compiled a list of the 4 most common and widespread bad dog behaviors and explained how to fight them effectively. It is important to be aware of these problems before you purchase a new pet so that you know what to do right from the very beginning of the training process and avoid reinforcing the bad habits.

Ok, so how to correct bad dog behavior? Read below!


Correcting Bad Dog Behavior Part 1 – Biting And Nipping

Biting and nipping are one of the first problems that new dog owners have to face. These bad dog behaviors are common for puppies which go through the teething period and look for a way to ease the pain and itching associated with it. Correcting bad dog behavior in this case is done by providing your pet with chewing toys that will keep him occupied and distracted from nipping parts of your body.


Correcting Bad Dog Behavior Part 2 – Whining

Another annoying habit typical for younger dogs which seek attention. Canines will also whine in order to signalize that they need to go outside, are hungry, cold or alone. Make sure to eliminate each of these causes by monitoring your pet’s behavior and keeping him close to your bed or a place where you spend majority of the time. However, be careful not to become overreactive as your dog may realize that whining gets him anything he wants and abuse it in the future.


Correcting Bad Dog Behavior Part 3 – Excessive Barking

Excessive barking is a particularly annoying dog problem that can drive you and your neighbors nuts, especially if it’s the middle of the night. It is usually caused by boredom and is your pet’s way to entertain himself. Correcting bad dog behavior in this case is done by providing your pet with something to do. Try taking him on regular walks, signing up for an obedience class or hiring a pet sitter if you have to leave your four-legged friend alone for an entire day.


Correcting Bad Dog Behavior Part 4 – Unexpected Urination

Almost every new dog owner will have to face this problem at some point and for some folks it is the main reason not to buy a pup. However, if one knows the right potty training methods and implements them consistently it is possible to deal with this issue within a few weeks time.

What are the most useful tips on how to correct bad dog behavior in this instance?

  • Make sure to monitor your pet’s behavior and look for such signs as circling or sniffing as they directly precede the elimination time.
  • Buy a crate that will serve as a den. Your pet will not soil his new home (dogs are naturally clean animals) and will have to learn how to resist from eliminating until he is let outside.
  • Take him to the same toilet area regularly in order to reinforce the good habit of eliminating outdoors.

As you can see the subject of how to correct bad dog behavior isn’t that hard to understand and you can easily implement the tactics outlined above to correct bad dog behavior in a matter of days!


Looking For More Ways To Deal With Bad Dog Behavior?

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