Aggressive Dog Behavior

aggressive dog behavior

How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

There are two main reasons for aggressive dog behavior: genes and your dog’s history. If your pet belongs to a dangerous breed or was born as a result of inbreeding than there is a high chance that he will be hard to control and may be aggressive towards you and other family members. You may also encounter aggressive dog behavior if you’ve adopted a canine that had a tough life in the past and experienced a lot of bad things such as excessive punishment, lack of socialization or poor living conditions. In both cases it is crucial to start fighting with this problem as soon as it surfaces instead of waiting for it to become a serious issue.

How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior Part 1 – Be An Alpha Male

aggressive dog behavior
Before you start retraining your aggressive dog he needs to understand that you’re the pack leader and he should obey your orders. Otherwise, your pup will take over this position and become uncontrollable. Look out for signs of aggressive dog behavior if you’re not sure whether this hasn’t already happened.
The easiest way to become an alpha male is to be firm and consistent while training your pet, feed him after you had your meal or show him once in a while that he’s lower in the hierarchy (one of the most effective ways to do that is by rolling him onto his back and holding in this position until he stops wriggling).
These few tips on how to stop aggressive dog behavior should really get you going but there’s more to dealing with this problem than being an alpha male.

How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior Part 2 – Let Him Socialize With Other Animals

A very effective way to help your dog become a more relaxed and easy-going pet is to let him socialize with other animals and people. The more living creatures he meets before he gets mature the better. If you keep your dog locked all the time he will become fearful and impulsive and can even attack people that approach him. The easiest way to let your dog socialize with other animals is to either start taking him on regular walks or sign him up for an obedience class.

How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior Part 3 – Find Out What’s Causing The Problem

If you’re dealing with a very aggressive dog and the tips above don’t work you will have to consult a professional dog trainer. Try observing your dog’s behavior and identify the causes of aggression. There are many different dog aggression signs. Your dog may snarl at you when you approach his food bowl, touch him or enter his safe zone and in each case the behavior modification program will be different. That is why consulting someone who knows how to stop aggressive dog behavior is extremely important!

Other Ways To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

For more information on how to stop aggressive dog behavior check the Dog Behavior section above where we cover all sorts of dog training realted problems.

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