Stop A Dog Barking

stop a dog barking

Stop A Dog Barking

We’ve discussed some of the most common reasons for dog barking in the previous article. By now you should have identified which of them apply to your pet so that you can take immediate action to eliminate the problem. It is important that you know what causes barking in your dog’s case as it will make it easier to address the issue and use the appropriate methods. Before I go into details on how to fight things like anxiety or boredom, I want to share with you two general tips on how to stop a dog barking that can be implemented in almost any situation and will always bring positive results.


Stop A Dog Barking With A Bit of Exercises

stop a dog barking

This is one of the most popular dog training tips that you can find on the internet that is extremely effective in eliminating a wide number of undesired habits. Taking your pet on regular walks and exercising him has many benefits. Not only will you help him stay in shape and maintain high levels of stamina, but also improve his well-being. This is because physical exercises allow canines to release the energy accumulated during the day and alleviate the stress. What is more, he will probably get so tired that he won’t be able to think about anything else than a warm bed.

Regular walks are also a great opportunity for your four-legged friend to socialize with other animals and people. This is extremely important, especially in the early stages of your pet’s life. In order to become a friendly and relaxed animal your dog has to meet as many people as possible before reaching maturity.

Keeping canine locked inside an apartment until he grows up will make him more suspicious towards strangers and can result in a fearful dog that often turns to barking and biting in order to protect himself. The easiest way to avoid such situation is to start taking your pet on regular walks where he can play-fight with other animals and accustom to being among alien people.


You Won’t Stop A Dog Barking By Punishing Him For Bad Behavior

Another point that I mention in 95% of the articles I write due to its importance. Using negative reinforcement techniques has never been an effective method to teach dogs out of undesired habits. Punishing your pet every time he does something wrong is significantly less effective than rewarding him for good behavior. When you scream at your pet, or worse – hit him, he gets stressed about the whole situation and can respond with anger. Using this method on a regular basis will lead to a frustrated animal that is constantly looking for a way to release all of this tension. The easiest way to do that is through barking, chewing, biting and other habits that we perceive as annoying or unwanted.


Stop A Dog Barking With Two Simple Tips

Implement the two methods I described above and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your dog’s behavior. He will bark less often and become more relaxed and easy-going. You will also notice a positive change in your relationship with him (he’ll be more obedient and less resistive to learning new things). If you want to know how to tackle specific types of barking (such as the one caused by anxiety or lack of attention), read the next article in this series where I cover more tips on how to stop a dog barking.


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