Stop Dog From Barking

stop dog from barking

Stop Dog From Barking

Dogs bark out of boredom, anxiety, stress, lack of attention, and for many other reasons. If one knows the exact causes, they can eliminate this annoying habit within a few weeks time, by implementing some of the tips on how to stop dog from barking. Below are the 4 most effective ways to stop dog from barking and regain the piece of mind you once had 🙂


Stop Dog From Barking By Making Him Tired

stop dog from barkingExhausted dogs are less willing to indulge in undesired behaviors and will prefer sleeping over anything else. You can start exercising your dog by taking him on regular walks or signing up for an obedience class where you will learn how to teach your dog basic obedience commands. Combination of mental and physical exercises should make your four legged friend tired really fast.


How To Stop Dog From Barking By Sorting Out Some Entertainment

If you’re leaving home for a few hours every day, it may be a little harder to stop barking dog. While being alone your pet will quickly get bored and can bark out of loneliness. You have to make sure that he has plenty of things to do while you’re away. A good solution are Kong toys which can be stuffed with dog food or snacks and will force your dog to work really hard to get the treats out. You can also leave the TV switched on as some dog breeds enjoy watching it.


Stop Dog From Barking Using A Water Gun

Yes, you heard me. Every time your dog barks at you shoot him straight at the face and say firmly ‘quiet’. He will be so shocked that he will stop making noise instantly. Repeat this several times as consistency is the basis of dog barking control. This will make him associate barking with the unpleasant feeling of being wet.

Your four legged friend will also need praise in order for the good habit to be reinforced. So reward your pet for being silent but remember to be vigilant and use the water gun each time he gets back to his previous behavioral pattern.


Tell Him To ‘Stop Barking’

A very simple method to stop dog from barking is to reward your pet for being silent. Every time he starts barking say firmly ‘stop barking’ and, as soon as he does that, give him a tasty treat. Your pet will need to smell, lick and eventually eat it and this would take a few seconds during which he won’t be able to make any noise. Remember to praise him for being silent and repeat the exercise every time he starts to bark, but try to make him stay calm for a few seconds longer each time.


What Is Debarking

This is a very drastic way to stop dog barking. It’s based on reducing the size of a canine’s vocal cords using surgery. As a result he can’t bark as loud as before. We don’t recommend this method because it serves only one side (the owner) and is harmful to the pet. Also, it will not eliminate the mental causes for barking and can make your dog even more frustrated and stressed as he will not be able to fully express his feelings.


Looking For More Tips On How To Stop Dog From Barking?

Check out the Dog Behavior section above devoted to  eliminating barking and other annoying habits.

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