Housebreaking An Older Dog

housebreaking an older dog

Housebreaking An Older Dog In 4 Easy Steps

Housebreaking an older dog takes a little more time than potty training a puppy but is definitely possible if one knows how to approach it. One of the most important things to know is the fact that older dogs can resist from eliminating up to few hours. This alone gives us an advantage as we can schedule a regular set of meals and thus determine when our pet will need to eliminate.

However, because adult dogs have a lot of bad habits already rooted deeply in their brains it will take a bit more patience and consistency to retrain them.


Step 1 – What Roles Does A Crate Play In Housebreaking An Older Dog

housebreaking an older dogWhile getting involved into housebreaking an older dog it is best to purchase a crate which will serve as a new home for your pet. Because dogs are naturally clean animals they will avoid soiling their new home and will have to eliminate outside.

Make sure to purchase a wire crate with smooth floor so that it’s not only immune to chewing or biting but also comfortable. It has to be big enough for your dog to be able to sit and turn around while being inside but not bigger because your pet might use one of it’s corners as a toilet. Next, put something that reminds the dog of you inside, an old t-shirt serving as a sleeping pad would be perfect.

These few things should really speed up housebreaking an older dog.


Step 2 – Where Is The Toilet, Boss?

Housebreaking an older dog will also require you to specify the toilet area for your dog somewhere in the yard. Use a leash attached to a tree to define it’s size so that the dog is forced to eliminate within the chosen spot and will stay focused on the task. As soon as he eliminates praise him and clean the stools. Dogs will not want to relieve themselves in a messy and stinky place so be sure to keep it clean or your pet will eliminate indoors and housebreaking an older dog will become even harder.


Step 3 – Use Specific Commands Consistently

Housebreaking an older dog is all about training your dog to react to specific commands. If you see him circling and sniffing around (signs of coming poop) say firmly ‘outside’ and take your pet to the garden where he can finish the job. While he’s there keep repeating ‘go poop’ or ‘go potty’. These commands will allow to trigger the desired reactions in the future and are an important part of housebreaking an older dog.


Step 4 In Housebreaking An Older Dog – Why Punishment Leads Nowhere

Don’t scream or hit your dog for eliminating indoors. In fact, don’t punish your dog when you find one of his stools either. Dogs cannot connect the fact that they have eliminated in the past with your present anger. Your four legged friend will get stressed and more confused and think that you don’t want him to eliminate at all.

A misunderstanding of this kind may result in your dog eating poop in the future (in order to avoid punishment), a problem that many dog owners have to deal with. Instead, clean the mess quietly and praise your dog every time he eliminates outside. Remember, positive reinforcement training is much more effective and makes housebreaking an older dog faster.


As you can see housebreaking an older dog doesn’t have to be hard!


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