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In this article I will share with you 3 most important dog house training tips that you need to know before you start housebreaking your pet. As with every other form of dog training you will need to show some patience and be consistent while implementing these dog house training techniques. Remember that it is much easier to house train a puppy than an older dog as the latter one has plenty of bad habits routed deeply in his brain and won’t overwrite them with good ones within one day.


Dog House Training Tip 1 – Feed Your Dog Regular Meals

Because of the fact that young puppies cannot control their bladder and colon until they are 12 weeks old you will need to make sure that they can go outside within the first 20 minutes after the last meal. This is slightly different for older dogs but the general rule stays the same: never give your pet food if you can’t walk him outside shortly after. It is your task to monitor your dog’s behavior and take him to the yard as soon as you see him circling and sniffing around. These signals indicate that your pet is looking for a suitable place to eliminate and, if you won’t act fast, he will do it inside your house.


Dog House Training Tip 2 – Designate A Toilet Area

One of the most important dog house training tips is to find a spot in your garden where you want your dog to eliminate regularly and take him there every time he needs to urinate or defecate. This will reinforce your dog’s good habit of eliminating in a specified area instead of doing it on the carpet. Remember to tidy up this place once in a while since dogs are naturally clean animals and avoid messy and stinky areas. This can result in a bigger amount of accidents indoors and, in consequence, overwrite the dog house training done so far.


Dog House Training Tip 3 – Make A ‘Den’ For Your Dog

Dogs are naturally ‘den’ animals. This means that your four legged friend will look for such place in your house instinctively. You can simulate a den with the use of a crate or by isolating a part of the room with a baby gate. Make it small so that your pet will only be able to sleep in there and play with toys from time to time. Because your dog will do everything not to soil his sleeping area he will quickly learn how to control his bladder and colon. This will speed up the dog house training process and will save you time and money on cleaning the floor and carpets in your apartment.

As soon as your dog starts to eliminate outside on a regular basis you can broaden his den and introduce him to the other parts of the house. Just make sure to supervise him while he’s discovering this brand new world.

With these few dog house training tips you should be on your way to successfully housebreak your pet.

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