How To Potty Train A Dog

how to potty train a dog

How To Potty Train A Dog Fast!

In the last article we’ve talked about the necessary attitude that one must take in order to successfully train a dog. You now know that screaming or hitting your pet is a waste of time and it’s much better to focus on positive reinforcement techniques, if you want to see the results fast.

I have also warned you that the process of housebreaking a dog can be very frustrating due to the fact that your pet will definitely make a mess on your carpet a couple of times before he will finally understand that it’s not the type of behavior you expect of him. That is why you will have to arm yourself with plenty of patience and cleaning liquids and persistently implement the methods outlined below.


The Importance of Confinement

how to potty train a dogThe first tip on how to potty train a dog fast I want to share with you is to confine your pet for the duration of the housebreaking process. This is to ensure that he can’t wander around your flat and urinate on every piece of furniture in his sight. Some of the easiest methods to prepare a den for your dog are either to purchase a crate or section off part of a room with a baby gate. Make sure that the floor is easy to clean because your four legged friend will regularly eliminate on it in the early stages of the training process.

You will have to spend some quality time playing with your dog while he’s locked in his new ‘apartment’. He needs to get used to eating and sleeping in there. Basically, you want to make sure that he likes that place and feels comfortable while staying in there.

“Why do I have to do all those things?” – you may ask. Well, it’s important that your dog treats this place as his new home, because that way he will try not to soil it. Dogs are naturally clean animals (I know, hard to believe!) and they avoid eliminating inside their dens at all costs. This situation will force your four legged friend to learn how to control his bladder and, in consequence, speed up the potty training process.


How To Potty Train A Dog? Keep An Eye On The Clock!

Another tip on how to potty train a dog fast that is vital for this technique to work is time monitoring. In short, you need to be aware at what times during the day you feed your pet. This is extremely important as it will allow you to limit the number of unexpected ‘accidents’. You see, every dog feels the urge to eliminate within the first 15 – 20 minutes after the last meal they consumed. This knowledge will allow you to predict when your pet will need to urinate/defecate and forestall the events by taking him outside. You will reduce the likelihood of your dog eliminating indoors and thus reinforcing the bad habit.

But it gets even better 🙂 If you carefully observe your pet’s behavior, you will be able to spot the moves that he unconsciously uses to signal his needs (such as sniffing, circling or whining). Unfortunately, this little trick may not work for puppies, because they are unable to control their bladder and colon until they reach 12 weeks and often eliminate uncontrollably.


Want To Learn More Tips On How To Potty Train A Dog Fast?

You can easily potty train dog using the method outlined above. It’s not rocket science but I assure you that it works really well. If you’d like to speed up the housebreaking process or are dealing with a particularly tough case, I invite you to read the other articles in this section where I talk about a few more house training techniques that complement the one outlined above.


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