Puppy Training Tips

puppy training tips

4 Most Effective Puppy Training Tips

Train Your Dog To Be The Pet You Want Him To Be!

If you’re interested in training puppies this is the right place to be. In the following paragraphs we will share with you some of the best puppy training tips out there and explain how to implement them properly in order to raise a friendly and obedient dog. We will cover 4 most important areas: feeding, organizing a den for your dog, basics of obedience training and eliminating bad habits.


puppy training tipsBest Puppy Training Tips Part 1 – Feeding

One of the most important free puppy training tips is to feed your dog with the right food, which in most cases is dry kibble. It contains all of the nutritional elements he will ever need and is also good for his teeth. Canned food shouldn’t be the basis of all meals as it is less nutritious and, what’s also important, more expensive. While feeding your four legged friend make sure to give him small portions of food and, if he’s still hungry after eating, add a bit more. However, never leave a full bowl available because dogs are very voracious and can get obese very quickly.


Puppy Training Tips Part 2 – Make Him Feel At Home

Your pet will need his own little living area so make sure to prepare one for him before he moves in. Dogs are naturally den animals and use such place to hide from all the stress of an everyday life and to get some rest. That is why you will have to purchase a crate or design your dog’s new home by yourself (e.g. by separating part of a room with a baby gate). This technique helps massively when it comes to potty training as your pet will do everything to keep his sleeping area clean and, as a result, will learn how to control his bladder and colon.


Free Puppy Training Tips Part 3 – Become An Alpha Male

In order to begin obedience training your dog needs to know his position in the family hierarchy. Dogs are naturally pack animals and need a leader who will make them feel secure. If you can’t play this role than your new pet will feel obliged to take over this position. This is dangerous as canines who perceive themselves as alpha males may become aggressive and uncontrollable. Make sure to be firm and consistent while training your new dog from the very beginning and don’t let him snarl or bite you.


Puppy Training Tips Part 4 – Eliminate The Bad Habits

One of the most important best puppy training tips we can give you is to stop your dog from getting involved in undesired habits such as excessive barking, biting or chewing. These subjects are too broad to be covered in one paragraph but there’s one cure that works for all of them – eliminating boredom. Just make sure your dog has always something to do. Start taking him on regular walks, try obedience training, purchase some dog toys. The more busy he will be doing things you want him to do the less often he will indulge in bad behaviors.


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