Bolognese Puppies

Bolognese is a small dog, sturdy, that came from Bologna, Italy. The puppy was named according to region of origin. This dog looks similar to the Bichon Frise dog. so, you must be careful to distinguish. Both frise and bichon bolognese is a breed of dog. The three original types of dog bichon originated from the Mediterranean around the 15th century. Since then, a kind of fell into extinction, bichon tenerife, which has largely been replaced by frise.

Bolognese was originally used to kill rats, dogs are cute and adorable is gradually gaining popularity as a companion dog.

Bolognese male has a height of about 27 to 30 cm (10.5 to 12 inches). Bolognese whereas females 25 to 28 cm tall (10-11 inches). weight for both is about 2.5 – 4 kg (4.5 to 9 pounds)

These dogs are compact, sturdy, and small in size. Bolognese is a wonderful toy dog, white with a downy coat is single, long, and wool in a soft texture to the touch, and their shorter hair on their faces. They have a square building, with their height to be equal to the length of their bodies. Nose and large eyes are in a dark contrast on the hair. They have been highly regulated, long pendulous ears, long necks and they are equal to the length of their heads. Long-tailed and performed with the buttocks, then curled back much further.

Bolognese is a dog Gentle, loving, friendly, and quite intelligent. This little dog loves the people in all shapes and very good with kids and other animals. They are friendly but sometimes reserved with strangers and will bark to alert their family of strangers at the door. They are smart enough to learn new commands easily and enjoy the mental stimulation and is very eager to please. They are famous for their love of creature comforts and will happily spend hours curled up in a warm bed or lap. They can become very attached to one person and like to spend as much time as they can with it.

Bolognese healthy to survive until they reach the age of 18 years. Bolognese is a healthy generation, cartilage does not have a real big problem. some dogs of this type may be prone to luxating patella. luxating patella is a disorder of the knee joint; a decline that affects the kneecap. however, they are considered one breed healthier overall.

Bolognese often require maintenance to keep your hair shiny white and in excellent condition. care for the hair, removing all the dead fur coat pure color and enhance them. They need a walk at least once per day, to keep them fit and healthy.